Mode finds humour and aesthetic inspiration in the formal elements of social dances – from the processional rigidity of court dances, to the frivolity of the salsa. Mode is a dance about dancing, a half-forgotten recollection of dancing in church halls and ballrooms. Rhythms of first waltzes intertwine with ballet lessons, hip-hop classes and aerobics routines: ghost memories clouding over one another. An imaginary folk-dance for a people who never existed, Mode is an echo of memories both futuristic and nostalgic, a postcard from a fictional place.

Mode was first commissioned in 2014 by the Baxter Dance Festival. In 2015 it was paired with Cipher to form the double-bill LoveZero which was created for the National Arts Festival’s 2015 Arena programme.

Choreographed by Thalia Laric and Steven van Wyk

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